Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring flowers Tutu & wand

Tutus are one of my new favorites.    They are so simple to make and inexpensive, and yet such a cute gift or dress up outfit.    You can make them in any color and add just about any embellishment to dress them up.

To make this you will need:

Hot Glue gun & Glue
3 yds of tulle
15 yds May Arts Twinkle Sheer 3" CT12-peach
12 yds May Arts silky crush trim 1.5" UK09-white
2ft string pearls

Matching wand:
4 yds May Arts Twinkle Sheer 1" CT12-peach
2 yds May Arts Velvet 377-38-31-silver
4 yds May Arts Solid two tone wired BQ18-green

To start, I size my elastic by measuring the person I am making it for.  I add 2 inches to give some room for the tulle and ribbon.  You can tie the elastic into a knot or sew it.   I prefer to sew it, so I don't have the knot to hide.  I sew it on both ends, just to make sure it doesn't come undone.

 I use a basket to hold my elastic to make it easier to work with.   You could also use the back of a chair.    Remember when you choose your length, to double it.   Loop the ribbon and hold it up to your elastic.   Put both ends of ribbon around elastic and through the loop.  This will make a knot.    Pull ends until knot is tight.   Continue adding 3" ribbon & 1" silk ribbon and 3" width tulle until elastic is filled.   I used tulle with my ribbon to make it a little more fluffy.    

The flowers are the next thing to make.   Tie a knot in the 1" sheer ribbon.   Then, you hold the knot and spin the ribbon around, twisting it while winding it around knot.   You may need to glue the flower as you go, to get it to stay.   When you have the flower to the size you want, hot glue the left ends onto the back, then glue to tutu.  I curled wired ribbon and added it and string pearls for a little more pizazz.

To make the wand, take a dowel and add a little hot glue to the end, then take the end of the silver ribbon and stick it to the dowel.   Twist the ribbon all the way up the dowel, I add a dot or two of hot glue in the middle just to keep it from unraveling.  Finish off with a dot of hot glue on the end and tack the end down.
To make the pom pom, cut 1" sheer ribbon into 3" pieces.   Add some tulle and string pearls to add a little dimension.   Take all the pieces, scrunch them up then tie them together in the center.
Once they are all tied together, pull the outsides around to make it fluffy.  Tie pom pom to the top of the wand.  I use a dot of hot glue on that too, just to keep it in place.   I curled some green wired ribbon and added with hot glue under the pom pom.  

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  1. this is beautiful! I made a tutu/peacock costume for my daughter for halloween- but I think this would be a great gift for lots of little girls! :)