Thursday, March 8, 2012

Valentine Hangings

I needed to make some wall art for Valentines.   I loved the Silhouette studio Valentine subway art design, so I had to use it.  I also loved the free rolled rose design, it added that perfect touch to my frame.

   I got the frame from Walmart for $3.   The back was attached on one side, so I took my razor knife and sliced it away.   Then I hot glued the glass onto the frame.   I cut out the subway design and then using transfer tape, I centered up the image and added to the frame.   I cut out the roses next and rolled them.    I added those to frame using hot glue as well, so I didn't have to hold the roses while waiting for the glue to dry.   I hot glued ribbon on the back of the frame and tied a bow at the top to add a little more character to the hanging.